stylish outdoor blinds

Zipscreen Awnings allow you to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Enhance your space and create an outdoor haven for true relaxation and comfortable entertainment, hassle-free.

From the summer heat to the winter chill, Zipscreen perfectly shields any alfresco, pergola, veranda or balcony, so you can indulge in open-air living, all year round

Zipscreen outdoor blinds can reduce unwanted heat in the home by blocking up to 90% of heat & UV received from direct sun onto your window.


The reduction of heat build up in summer and heat loss in winter saves you from using alternative cooling and heating systems, ultimately reducing your energy costs.

Retractable screening offers the flexibility to adjust and retract as required, to add privacy as necessary without permanently blocking your view.



Now it is a perfect time to get your outdoors area ready for entertainment.

We’ve got a beautiful range of Shutters, Awnings and Zipscreens to help you bring your dream outdoor patio to life!

Contact us! Lets talk Awnings, Zip Screens,and more!

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