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At Simply Shutters, we know that Awnings are ideally suited to the Central Coast lifestyle. External Awnings allows you to make the most of your home or business’ outdoor space.

Australian Premium Awnings

Allow our experts to guide you as you select the choice that is right for your home, your lifestyle, your budget and your vision in Central Coast. Awnings can offer great protection from the morning and afternoon sun, as well as allowing you to enjoy outside entertaining areas for extended times of the year. Awnings are the most effective option for slowing down the heat entering your home.  It can often mean the difference of 5-15 degrees on an uncovered window, and that’s before you start up the air-conditioning!

Straight Drop Awnings

By enclosing your alfresco entertaining areas, Simply Shutters outdoor awnings protect you from the elements – be they rain, wind or sun – and ensure privacy and complete comfort. Stylish, highly functional and easy to operate, they are available as Spring, Crank or Motorised operation.  They are perfect for isolating your outdoor enterainment area from the weather.

HMX External Awnings

Simply Shutters’ flagship HMX Outdoor Blinds / External Blinds and External Screens are designed to take the toughest of treatments by reducing the sun’s penetration and absorbing the heat.

Simply Shutters Blinds Zipsscreen

Zipscreen Awnings

Simply Shutters’ Zipscreen Awnings allow you to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, so you can indulge in open-air living, all year round.

Simply Shutters Blinds Veue

Veue Awnings

Simply Shutters’ Veue Awnings Systems utilise common components from the Veue Awnings suite. 

Folding Arm Awnings

At Simply Shutters, we offer a comprehensive range of Folding Arm and Retractable Awnings to suit every application and to help you achieve your unique vision. Awnings provide a fashionable extension of your shaded living area. Heavy-duty retractable arms mean that the awning can be installed with a very wide projection, without the need for post supports. We have an extensive range of fabrics to choose from, whether it be plains and neutral colours to textured and stripe designs.


Our new flagship awning – Feng is a complete LED awning solution that is configurable in three variations; LED integrated cassette, LED integrated awning arms or a combination of both.

Simply Shutters Awning Kumo


The KUMO Folding Arm Awning boasts a smooth round fully enclosed cassette that contains very few components…

Simply Shutters Awnings Klip


The KLIP traditional style Folding Arm Awning features a vertical design best suited for open style wall applications.

Simply Shutters Awnings Stein


The STEIN traditional style Folding Arm Awning features a more horizontal design, best suited for installation under roof…

Simply Shutters Awnings Shan


Our top of the range Folding Arm Awning, Shan, offers state-of-the-art performance, built on ultimate design and functional…

Simply Shutter Awnings Piuma


Piuma is an open style versatile Folding Arm Awning, ideal for medium sized applications, achieving up to 6m span…

Traditional & Budget Awning

Simply Shutters Tradional Awning


Simply Shutters’ Traditional Awning is a close fitting awning perfect for ground floors and balconies. 

Simply Shutters Verandah Awnings


Also known as a ‘Café Blind’, and a ‘PVC Roller Blind’ Simply Shutters’ Verandah Straight Drop Awning is extremely easy…

Simply Shutters Canopy Awnings


A Simply Shutters’ Canopy Awning can give your home a cosmopolitan look.  Canopy Awnings are available in a range of…

Online Showroom

Visit our Online Showroom

Our new online showroom allows you to view various fabrics and colours from our range in the comfort of your own home.

Get Your FREE Obligation Quote

We provide a free, no-obligation, in home measure and quote – allowing us to measure your window and provide suggestions for the best solution – including suitable fabrics and accessories.

Customer Reviews

K. Wheeler

I just wanted to say a huge thank you David for the shutters. I just love them. It has changed not only my room for the better, but has given me a boost. They look terrific. I am thrilled. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into the work especially because of the warped frame. I was so excited after you left, I went out and ordered a new setting for the room. I will certainly pass on the word to my friends and colleagues regarding your wonderful business. I’ll contact you in the new year regarding other rooms. Once again, thank you.

M. McCrone

I love my new shutters! When we purchased our home, the old ratty vertical blinds were one of the first things we knew had to go. We hadn’t even thought about using shutters for our sliding door but after the installation, we were surprised and delighted at how good they look. With your expertise, we were able to select the right shutters to make our home look stylish without sacrificing on letting in the light that we love! Thank you!

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