Timber Shutters

Timber Shutters are a statement in any room, providing a unique look of class, sophistication and design.

If you want to add measurable value and timeless elegance to your home, then your ultimate choice should be timber plantation shutters. Our plantation shutters are the perfect combination of form and function, boasting durability and style in equal measures.

The smooth-operating blades can be rotated 180° in either direction: open them completely to allow generous streams of sunlight to pour into your room, adjust them at an angle to soak up that dappled afternoon light, then close them at night time for maximum privacy.

Timber Plantation Shutters are tested for the extremes of humidity, temperature and accelerated ageing to deliver a quality shutter which is strong, durable and extremely stable.

What’s Popular:
White Basswood Shutters have been in vogue for a number of years and show no signs of declining. Choosing white creates a beautiful clean look while ensuring the maximum flexibility with interior decor choices and future-proofing your investment.

Timber shutters are available in three blade sizes, fourteen standard colours and thirteen stunning stained and lacquered tones. You can also have our shutters custom painted in any Dulux colour.

Our own specially formulated paints and stains are used. Our colours are UV resistant, environmentally friendly, low in VOC, and only non-toxic water-based paints are used. They are safe for children, asthmatics and pets.

Styling includes the choice of stapled centre, stapled offset control bar or a clearview aluminium control bar, which may be located on either the face or hidden on the reverse side of the panel.

  • Stable and durable timber
  • Laminated and kiln-dried
  • Extensively quality tested
  • 3 blade sizes – 63mm, 89mm, 114mm
  • Fourteen standard fashion paint colours
  • Thirteen stains and lacquers
  • Custom Dulux colours available on request
  • Choice of three control bars: stapled centre, offset or clearview aluminium
  • Full range of framing options

The most popular way to inside mount your plantation shutters, an L Frame gives you the ability to square the frame inside your recess and mount your panels. An L Frame also acts as a light block, preventing light from coming through the edges of the panels. The simple L frame comes in two sizes (Small L & Medium L) to perfectly fit inside or outside your window frame.

The Z Frame is mounted directly to the inside of the window frame, with a bull-nose lip going around the outside of the window frame or plaster, thus hiding any gaps or imperfections. A great solution for windows that are out of square or have no existing architrave. 

There are a range of L and Z frame styles  which can either create a big shutter presence or a minimalist compact appearance.

Some framing examples

Beaded L-Frame

Vintage L-Frame

Beaded Z-Frame


Bullnose Z-Frame

Direct mount, pivot hinge or frameless shutters give a clean, modern look. The only constraint with direct mount shutters is that your window opening must be perfectly straight. Although newer houses still have plenty of issues with windows not being straight, this can still give you a clean look.

The reason you would choose to use framing is if

  • you like the look. (loads more variety), or
  • the windows are not straight and you need a neater finish.

Bifold shutters are a great way to cover an opening or window while providing you with the opportunity to open them fully to one side or evenly to equal sides. These are a great choice for many Central Coast properties that have feature windows overlooking stunning views.

Sliding shutters are also a great choice for sliding doors, as the operation is identical to that of a sliding door (as the name suggests). Simply slide the shutters to one side of the door or window to gain fast and easy access.


Like the bi-fold shutters, these shutters also move along a track. But instead of folding out on each side, these shutters slide past each other to neatly stack on either side of the fixture.

Blade Sizes




Clearview tilt with split tilt

Centre tilt

Centre tilt with midrail

Offset tilt

Split Tilt Options

  • The split tilt rod allows you to open or close sections of your shutter blades separately, giving you greater light control and privacy.
  • Allowing flexibility, you can close the lower portion of your blades for privacy, whilst leaving the top section open to still let in light or an open view.
  • Split tilt options are available for plantation shutters with or without a midrail.

Mid Rails

Mid rails provide stability and strength to the plantation shutters.

The most common position for a mid rail is in the exact centre of the panel.

It is also common to place the mid rail at a natural break, eg. as there is on a double hung window; where  winders are situated or a horizontal mullion.


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