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Keeping cool with Shutters

They don’t call Australia the sunburnt country for no reason. We live in a land of soaring temperatures and happen to sit right beneath a hole in the ozone layer. All this makes for some very hot temperature.

When the summer temperatures peak often we become hot and uncomfortable in our own homes. What makes it more frustrating is the fact that keeping our homes cool in summer without the benefit of a costly energy-hungry air conditioner is not a simple open and shut case.

Windows and doors are responsible for a lot of the heat loss and heat gain that takes place in a home, and knowing how to effectively use and treat these is critical for optimum indoor conditions.

If your home is properly insulated, then keeping your windows and doors closed during the heat of the day, and opening them up as the summer temperatures drop in the evening and early morning is good advice. However, if your home is not insulated then closing your doors and windows could be counterproductive, creating a greenhouse effect.

Shutters are an excellent option

Certain window treatments act as effective thermal insulators, restricting the amount of heat gain and keeping the interior cool. Interior wood shutters, when completely closed and lowered, can reduce heat gain by around 45%. They are also effective at blocking or directing the light into a room.

Shutters are brilliant thermal insulators as their adjustable louvres allow ventilation and light control while limiting the heat gain through windows and doors.

Shutters are an excellent option to get rid of heat buildup from a closed house after a long hot day. Fling open your doors and windows when you get home to cross ventilate, or use fans to expel the hot air if there is no breeze. If refuge from those flying bugs that love the light is also essential, fit an insect screen between your shutters and window for ultimate indoor peace.

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