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Many people are virtually tuning into their workplaces while they practice social distancing.

Video calling for work has gone up massively. The one thing about video calls is that it’s changed the way your office should be setup!

Basically all the cool looking stuff in your office should be BEHIND YOU when you’re doing video calls. This is being called the “The Reverse Office.”

At one time you would decorate IN FRONT your desk. You’d put all your personal things in front of you so you’d have something fun to look at while working.

Now I think it’s more important to have a “Reverse Office” which showcases all that stuff BEHIND the desk so your webcam can see it.

Home offices used to be private, now they are semi-public because of video calls.

Some of the important things for home offices:

  • Lighting.
  • Control for echo.
  • Don’t decorate TOO much behind you or it distracts from your face.


One of the biggest problems with video calls is getting the lighting right. It’s all about front lighting. The best way to make your video calls look crisp and clear and professional, instead of blurry and shadowed and horrible? Get yourself some front lighting. That means “make sure there’s a light source illuminating the front of your face.”

Control for Echo

One way to deaden sound is to cover hard floors with rugs. When choosing your rug, the thicker the pile, the better the soundproofing will be, so a cut-pile rug will tend to work better than a flat-weave design.

Dress your windows. Large areas of glass, such as big windows and glazed doors, act as bouncing-off points for sound to travel in an open-plan room. Introducing curtains will help to deaden the noise. A sheer fabric works really well, as it won’t totally block the light or views.

The view behind you

Home offices used to be private, now they are semi-public because of video calls.

Remember, the people you are talking to are looking at your book shelves. Your curtains. Your artwork. Or lack of it. We’re wondering why you tilted your laptop camera at just that angle so that it shows the pile of crap on top of the cupboard behind you.

Camera showing off your spectacular view? Yeah, yeah. We get it. Kids’ toys sprawled on the floor? Dishes piled up behind you? We’re looking at the titles of your books and wondering why you bought Fifty Shades Of Grey or the Shane Warne memoir.

Who is watching? What message are you trying to send?

Home Office Ideas That Will Make You Want to Work All Day

1. Declutter

Clear your workspace from piles of random papers and folders, books you are not using and other clutter that has made its way into your office. If you have not or will not use the item in 3 months, put it away. Decluttering will provide a clean base to begin styling and will instantly create a sense of calm and order.

2. Get organised

There’s no point taking the time to style your office if you don’t set up practical ways to keep organised — otherwise it won’t take long before it looks like a crazy mess again. Storage solutions like magazine boxes, baskets, and folders to keep paperwork organised are a must. You may also like to consider adding a wall shelf to maximise storage and add a serious dose of style too.

3. Think about your view

When refreshing your office, think about what inspires you. Do you like pops of bright colour and pattern or a more minimalist and gentle colour palette? If you’re lucky enough to have a window with a great view, orient your desk to face it – it’s been long known that having greenery in or around your workspace helps reduce stress and gives the eye somewhere to rest when taking a mental break. If a pretty view isn’t an option, small potted plants, wallpaper and artwork are a trendy way to help beautify your space.

4. Don’t skip on ergonomics

Sitting in an office every day can be really hard on your body, particular your back. This is why it’s so important to choose an office chair that’s comfortable and supportive, as well as stylish. When deciding on a chair for your office, choose something that works with your desk and the space. In a smaller space, choose something with a lower back, that will keep the room feeling spacious. However, if you have the luxury of a larger space or work in a more corporate setting, it’s well worth investing in a quality ergonomic chair. Your back, neck and shoulders will thank you!

5. Maximise your space

Often times, your ‘office’ can be part of a larger living space, such as the living room or kitchen. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a classic office feel. Multifunctional furniture is a great way to ensure you’re making the most of the area whilst saving on space. A stylish bookshelf can double as file storage and your desk can function as a side table or a great place to show off your indoor plants! Get creative to ensure your office space inspires you each time you sit down to work and you’ll never feel like work is a chore!!

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