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Beat the heat with Outdoor Shutters

It’s time to throw open your doors, dust off the barbecue, gather your friends and family and take the party outside! So, how do you make sure your alfresco is summer-ready? Easy: Outdoor shutters.

Now is the time to order to ensure your home is ready for Christmas entertaining.

Outdoor living spaces are popular right now, and for good reason. They’re perfect for keeping guests entertained in a natural and relaxed environment.  Plus when it comes to property value, potential buyers are likely to think it’s more than what’s on the inside that counts.

Creating the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy is not difficult. However some planning is required so that you can you enjoy it in all seasons, from the chilliest of winters right through to the sweltering summer.

If you’ve already got outdoor shutters, you’re doing summer right! Outdoor shutters are a super versatile product that not only provide an efficient way to cool a space, but have a range of other benefits. Here’s how shutters can help you make the most of your outdoor entertaining area over the warmer months.

Beat the Heat

Outdoor shutters are one of the easiest ways to block the sun’s heat and pesky UV rays, so you can still enjoy your outdoor space when the temperature soars. Their functional design means you can adjust the slats to allow as much light, ventilation and heat in as you like – keep them completely open on a balmy evening and closed during the hottest part of the day. Outdoor shutters will keep things perfectly cool and comfortable all day long – no more ducking inside to stick your head in the fridge! 

Effortless Style

Outdoor shutters have an amazing way of turning a bland backyard into a cool, comfortable and stylish spot for entertaining. There are loads of styles to choose from, including fixed, hinged bi-fold and sliding varieties, and the blades come in different sizes, too. Choose a colour to match or compliment your outdoor décor and let the backyard bashes begin!

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Designed to be robust and weather-resistant, outdoor shutters will hold up against harsh sun and UV rays in summer, as well as winter’s wind and rain.  For that bit of extra defence, go for shutters in sturdy aluminium. Outdoor shutters are a total cinch to maintain and clean – to keep them looking on point, give them a wipe from time to time. As an added bonus, they also reduce the amount of work required to keep your window glass spotless!

Privacy in Spades

No one wants the whole world privy to their party, so outdoor shutters will keep your nosy neighbours out of the conversation (unless they’re invited, of course!). The adjustable blades help to control the amount of privacy you want or need.

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