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A Buyers Guide to Blinds

If you’re looking for window treatments to provide you with adjustable light control, blinds are the way to go. In fact, a lot of the new fabric options available today are UV-resistant and offer solar protection. This means you can keep your indoor temperature comfortable without constantly needing to resort to an air conditioner. Plus, the material and fabric of many blinds are water-resistant and exhibit anti-fungal and dust-resistant properties, allowing for easy maintenance. To top it all off, motorised blinds are making life easier and you can now adjust the lighting in your home with the click of a remote control. Today’s world of blinds has plenty to offer.

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Simply Shutters Roller Blinds

What are the main types of blinds?

Roller blinds: Roller blinds are popular for good reason. They are available in a variety of colours, transparencies, textures, and fabric options as well as on-trend natural fibres, such as cane. They offer full privacy when closed and can effectively block out light, particularly if you choose a blockout fabric.

Dual roller blinds: also known as double roller blinds, offer the best of both worlds with their unique dual fabric design. As the name suggests, this innovative blind system includes two different types of roller blinds on a single bracket, in one seamless and stylish system. The fabric layer closest to the window is designed using a sheer or sunscreen fabric, allowing light into your home while ensuring passers-by cannot see inside during the day. While the second layer consists of blockout fabric, which blocks out light and offers complete privacy, day or night.

Roman blinds: A more traditional and formal treatment that is often made from a feature fabric. It can be lined to form a blockout blind or unlined for a translucent look. Ideal for larger windows, roman blinds fold up neatly when open, lending ample appeal to your spaces. They can often be the most efficient use of space, especially on smaller windows, and are a good choice if you don’t like the look of curtains.

Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds are comprised of a series of strips or vanes that can be tilted or drawn using a cord. You can select vertical blinds with a translucent weave that softens the natural light entering a room, or you can block out light entirely using a heavier fabric. Today’s verticals are not the same ugly verticals of the 1980s. Today, vertical blinds are available in different sheers, patterns, textures and even metallic options. They’re ideal for high windows and doors.

Vertical Blinds
Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds: Given their horizontal orientation, venetian blinds can be angled to let light in while still offering plenty of privacy. In addition to fabric options, timber venetian blinds are enormously popular and are available in a wide range of finishes and slat widths. The width of the slat will determine how much light enters your room when the blinds are closed, so choose wisely.

Tip: With wider horizontal slats, one can create the illusion of a bigger window and lend more visual space to apartments and smaller rooms.

Veri Shades: Veri Shades are made from a wonderfully soft fabric with alternating opaque folds. With the new unique patented designed Veri Shades you can have the elegance and versatility of a sheer and the privacy of a curtain. With the turn of a wand you can easily adjust the Veri Shades to control and adjust light levels depending on the position of the sun, or privacy required.

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glide Blinds: Panel blinds are a modern and versatile window covering which are perfect for large windows, sliding doors or as a room divider. They create a simple and relaxed look, perfect for informal areas. Very easy to use, each connected panel moves in sequence in one gliding action. Panels slide sideways and stack neatly behind each other. When drawn the overlapping panels provide privacy and varied levels of light control depending on your fabric choice. Coordinating Roller Blinds on windows and Panels on your sliding doors is a popular and practical solution.

Zebra Blinds: Zebra Blinds combine the elegant light diffusion of sheer fabric with the stylish practicality of a roller blind. The contemporary bold horizontal stripes of these Blinds move effortlessly from transparency to dim out. Cleverly designed Zebra blinds provides high levels of light and privacy control in a single blind. The cleverly designed Zebra Blind utilises a horizontal striped fabric with alternating Translucent or Block Out and Sheer stripes to create a Day and Night blind in one product. The two layers of this fabric move independantly to create overlaping combinations. A simple but effective idea that allows high levels of light and privacy control with the one product. The Block Out stripe is actually Block Out but please understand that some light will creep in between the stripes hence you should consider more as a Dim Out.

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